What is Ism-e-Azam?
When He (Prophet Solomon) said: O chiefs! Which of you can bring me her throne before they come unto me, surrendering?
“I will bring it to you before you rise up from your place, and for this (task) I am powerful, reliable.”
With whom was knowledge of the Scripture,(Ism-e-Azam) said: “I will bring it to you before your glance returns to you.

It’s an undeniable fact that the man with whom was knowledge of the Scripture (Ism-e-Azam), asserted to bring it thee before within the twinkling of an eye. Despite the fact that the Jinn inherit faculty to reach any part of the universe in no loss of time and do inherit power to carry heavyweight. It is from the history that it was Asif Burjakhya, a minister of the prophet Solomon.
What is Ism-e-Azam?
Every name of Almighty God is Ism-e-Azam.
Which of the Name of Almighty God, the Asif Burjakhya, a minister of the prophet Solomon had had.
It was the name of Almighty God that matched with his Name of the Asif Burjakhya.
To Discover Ism-e-Azam matching to your name,
Please read
“Search for Ism-e-Azam”

Search for Ism-e-Azam
Every Name of Almighty Allah is Ism-e-Azam.

        The general belief is that the name “Allah” (اللہ) is the Ism-e-Azam because it is a personal name. One thousand names have been hidden. A thousand names on the divine language of Muslim continue. Three hundred of them are in The Torah; three hundred in the Bible and three hundred in the Gospel. Every one of us is aware of the famous ninety-nine names in the Qur'an. In addition there are hundreds of divine names in the Holy Quran. Please see Schedule No. 04 that contains more than four hundred names of Almighty Allah taken from the Holy Quraan.

        All your desires of the righteous shall be granted on completion of planned recitation of Ism-e-Azam. With the blessings of the planned recitation of Ism-e-Azam and continued open recitation day and night recitation, more particularly, the following will be met gradually and you will need no Taweez and Amulet of any kind whatsoever.

For example
Take away the financial misery,
Protect from random accidents and kidnapping,
Protect from the evil eye and black magic,
Protect house, shop and property from fire,
Business safe from harm, increase in profit potential,
Open doors for additional sources of income i.e. Prize Bonds and trading in Stocks,
Command and uphold love and respect in the eyes of authorities, relatives, and friends,

        On the basis of the wisdom of divine names of multitude, the Scholars of Ilm-E-Jafer having knowledge of the spiritual path of Numbers and Alphabets are of the belief that a name out of the thousand names of Allah, may turn out to be an Ism-e-Azam, relative to the name of a person for him. Therefore, the Ism-e-Azam will be distinctive to every name.

        To Ismeazam relative to your name is determined on the basis of (a) numbers of Arabic/Urdu characters contained in your name, inclusive of your mother’s name and (b) its relationship with lunar mansions. The procedure is fully explained under the title:-

Find out your Ismeazam
Find Out Ism-E-Azam Relative To Your Name, yourself.

        The most reliable technique of finding out Ism-e-Azam relative to the name of a person with reference to his name that corresponds to the Moon Mansions as devised by The Scholars of Ilm-E-Jafer having knowledge of the spiritual path of Numbers and Alphabets, is given hereunder:-

Calculate Number of Your Name (including the name of your mother)
Find out the Moon Mansion,
Locate name of Allah relative to the Moon Mansion. Refer - (Schedule -04) that contains more than 400 names of Almighty Allah, all obtained from the Holy Quraan
See Details Below

Step-01: Calculate Number of Your Name - (including the name of your mother)

Example- Name – Mirza Asad Ullah Baig – Jameela Begum

(Note), While working numbers of the name, always keep track of the following issues / rules

1. The name is a mix of two names,

2. It should be the one that was named on his birth (usually at the time of Aqeeqah),

3. The word/words associated with the name denoting caste, title etc., such as the words Sheikh, Mirza, and Syed at the beginning and Alavi, Siddiqui, Farooqi and Baig etc., at the end of the name, be ignored.

Numbers of name – Asad Ullah – Jameela Begum =291 (Refer: Schedule no. 1)

Step-02: Find out the Moon Mansion

1) Divide the Name Number by 28, the remainder will represent the number of Moon Mansion.In the case cited above, Name number of Asad Ullah - Jameela Begum is 291 and that divided by 28, we get the number 11, as the remainder. This remainder 11, denotes that the name of Asad Ullah–Jameela Begum belongs to the 11th mansion of moon.

2) Step-03: Locate name of Allah relative to the Moon Mansion. Refer - (Schedule -04, that contains more than 400 names of Almighty Allah, all obtained from the Holy Quraan-

1) Divide the Name Number by 28, the remainder will represent the number of Moon Mansion.In the case cited above, Name number of Asad Ullah - Jameela Begum is 291 and that divided by 28, we get the number 11, as the remainder. This remainder 11, denotes that the name of Asad Ullah–Jameela Begum belongs to the 11th mansion of moon.

Search for a name Almighty Allah that starts with (الف) , i.e. the starting Alphabet of the name اسد اللہ ۔ جمیلہ بیگم AND,
The number of that Name of Allah, when divided by 28, leaves 11 as remainder,
If, one name could be found then add another name of Allah, and the total number of both names when divided by 28, leaves 11 as the remainder.
In the above cited case, we have two names of Almighty Allah (1) اللہ and (2) مجید, the total of both these names when divided 28, leaves 11 as the remainder.
(Check – (1) اللہ 66, and (2) مجید 57=Total: 123, when divided by 28, leaves 11, as the remainder). Therefore the Ism-e-Azam for ( اسد اللہ ۔ جمیلہ بیگم) is (مجید اللہ).
It should be recited as ” یا اللہ مجید ”

Procedure for Reciting “Ism-e-Azam”, Explained

1. Place and timing of reciting,

Since the place and the timings for the reciting of Ism-e-Azam, under no circumstances are changed, it needs to be finalized carefully.

2. Number of times the “Ism-e-Azam” is to be recited-
i. Either recite 3,125 times daily, for 40 days, OR
12500 times daily, for 10 days.
Note: (1) It takes approximately two hours to recite 12500 times. If time permits, it would be preferable to go for it.)
(2) Recite with dedication. If someone has specific problem then he should keep that in mind and
(3) After completion, offer two Rakah of Nafil for thanks to Almighty Allah and pray with heart for the accomplishment of his desires.

3. Starting Date-
Start on Thursday night, falling on or after 4th and before 10th of the lunar month.

Find Fault in Your Name
The Solution to all Your Adversities and Fiascos, is Hidden in Your Name
Are you unemployed?
Are you financially in crisis?
Do you suffer losses after losses in the business that you do?
Do you feel indecisiveness in taking decisions?
Are you in mental confusions?
Find Reasons and Solutions To All The Above.
Be Guided By The Astrology
Get Help From Ilm-E-Jafer

Examples – Naeem Jaleel born on March 27.
The Astrology – According to the date of birth of Naeem Jaleel, the element of his Zodiac Sign is “Fire”, while his name beginning with N (ن (, the element is “Water”, (Schedule - 1). The conflicting Zodiac elements may lead to mental confusion and indecisiveness in decision taking. The astrologist and most of the Spiritual Soul healer suggest changing of the name. Is that so easy to act upon it?

The remedy lies in Ilm-E-Jafer
The Ilm-E-Jafer – it suggests acquiring of the “Ism-e-Azam” matching to his name and recitation of the Name of Almighty Allah i.e. the “Ism-e-Azam” with concentrated mind in the prescribed manner. The matching Name of Almighty Allah i.e. Ism-e-Azam, in his case is
“نافع نصیر یا“.

To acquiring Ism-e-Azam matching to your name, read the subject titled
“Search for Ism-e-Azam”

How to Calculate Your Name Number
Always Keep Track Of The Following Issues/Rules
A name ordinarily comprises two names,
The name chosen or given on birth of a child, usually at the time of “Aqeeqa”, is the real name,
Word or words of title, such as Syed, Mirza, etc., at the beginning and similarly the words Siddiqui, Farooqi, Alavi, etc., at the end of the name are not considered as part of the name. Therefore, their numbers will not be included in the name.
The name عبدالرحمن comprises characters) ا، ل) ( come in writing but not in speaking. For here we will take the numbers of ( ا، ل ) coming in writing but not in speaking.
Letter duplication. The name فرخ)) ، here (ر) feels twice in speaking, but appears once in writing, therefore, for (ر), single number will be taken.
To Calculate name number of افضال کریم , Refer Schedule No. 01

How to Choose Name for Your Children
The Ideal Way to Name the Children

Keep good name of the children. The very name is a source of identity. Everyone has a desire to be called by the good name. The names of the children are found in three categories.

Islamic traditions - Named after the names of prophets and their followers. These names show Almighty Allah’s mercy and His Truth. These names are usually proposed by the elders of the family or Islamic scholars and do not require calculations.
Astrology - There are two methods.
The first method takes into account inter alia (a) Date of birth, (b) Time of birth, (c) Year of birth and (d) Location or place of birth. It is a technical way and needs methodological knowledge to create a birth chart to suggest name.
The other requires, date of birth only.
Numerology – It takes into account (a) date of birth, (b) month of birth and (3) the year of birth. It is easy and needs little knowledge of arithmetic only.

Example – Date of Birth 19th October, 2012

The ideal way to name the children that incorporates numerology and the astrology is explained as under:-

The ideal way to name the children that incorporates numerology and the astrology is explained as under:-

Numerology: The numeric data i.e. (a) the date (b) the month and (c) the year of birth added together, (19 + 10 + 2012) works out to 2041. The number 2041 divided by 9, we get 7 as the residue. The residue 7 is treated to be the name number. (Note: If the residue is Zero, then it would be treated as 9.)

Astrology: It takes into account the date of birth of a child, namely 19th October. This date falls in between 24th Sept – 23rd Oct. (Refer Schedule No. 2), indicating his birth sign as “Libra”; and planet “VENUS”. The Urdu characters, namely (ر۔ ت۔ ط۔) denote the first character of name.

As I Knew Him
Kash-Al-Barni – An Authority in Occult Science
In the year 1967, an advertisement appeared in Daily Newspaper “JANG” Karachi from Kash-Al-Burni, clicked my sight as it was for an “AMAL OF HAZRAT”; calling “SHAH BAKTANOOSH” a tribal head of Jinnat community. The Amal comprised procedure for daily reciting of certain stanzas for twenty one days; a peculiar Chart and a special plastic tumbler engraved with stanzas.
I sought an appointment through a letter with the above reference. I was asked to see him on coming Monday at 2 pm. As this meeting was during my office timings, I was dressed up in office outfit. On his query, I expressed my interest in Occult Sciences and that I wanted to learn it. I also told him that by profession, I am a Chartered Accountant and well placed in a business and industrial group; that ranked at the fifth amongst the largest business and industrial group in Pakistan. I informed him that by the grace of Allah I was drawing four figure salary (just to indicate that by acquiring knowledge, no monetary gain is aimed at). Shah Saheb (Kash-Al-Burni) welcomed me on successful completion of AMAL. Thereafter under his guidance and care my training grooming in Ilm-e-Jafar, Mujahida and Amalyat continued till his death (on 8th May, 1980).
My routine was to remain with Shah Saheb on Saturdays and holidays from 2 pm till his rising from the desk at his residence in PECHS, Karachi. I used to accompany him to the market also. As such I had enough time with him and he was kind enough to train me and discuss his personal and close matters. I quote a few below:-
Call From Viceroy Of India. Kash-Al-Barni in his magazine ROOHANI DUNYA published a prediction about sinking of British Royal Naval Ship HMS PRINCE OF WALES during World War II. British were proudly saying that a cork can sink but this ship would not. British Viceroy called him as such predictions during war time could demoralize the forces. When he appeared in his court, viceroy was astonished to receive a well-dressed young man instead of his perception of an old fellow making vague statement to gain popularity. Viceroy advised the young man to refrain from such predictions which may cause panic and demoralize British Forces.
This is a matter of history that the ship sank.
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Ex-Prime Minister Pakistan. In early March 1979, I was present when Kash-Al-Barni suddenly drew a horoscope on a paper in pencil and pointed the position of stars in 8th house and predicted hanging of Z. A. Bhutto on 4th April, 1979.
This is history that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto met this fate.
Pakistan Came Into Being. He migrated from East Punjab to Lahore at the time of partition in 1947. He lamented for not bringing Telescope installed at his grand-father’s house which was an observatory for viewing the movement and position of stars and planets. After partition settled in Lahore he established a printing press jointly with Malik Feroze Khan Noon. He was also appointed as Honorary Magistrate, allotted a bungalow in a posh locality where he settled. He had a maid (9 / 10 years old as she looked) who was solely responsible for his meals, caring for dress and other household affairs.
In the lawn of that bungalow were a big tree and a cemented rostrum. That floor outside the house used to be clear and clean and visitors (British staff and neighbors) expressed astonishment over always dust free flooring. The other surprising element for everyone near was that the maid did not grow in 5/6 years.
After 5 or 6 years, Kash-Al-Barni got married. After about 6 months, his wife met an accident while travelling in a rickshaw and died. This was not an accident but a murder by the young maid. Who was that maid? A GENIE. I did not question Shah Saheb about the fate of the maid. He moved from Lahore to Hyderabad and finally settled in Karachi.
After 5 or 6 years, Kash-Al-Barni got married. After about 6 months, his wife met an accident while travelling in a rickshaw and died. This was not an accident but a murder by the young maid. Who was that maid? A GENIE. I did not question Shah Saheb about the fate of the maid. He moved from Lahore to Hyderabad and finally settled in Karachi.
Near his residential bungalow due to a squatter settlement (Katchi abadi) burglary was a routine affair. Whenever he was out of Karachi (usually to Hyderabad), a watchman was assigned to take care in his absence. The watchman used to sleep in the premises. Beside jinn was also there to look after. One day when Shah Saheb was preparing to leave, the jinn said to him, “if permitted I may turn over his bed”. He scolded him in strong words.
Basic Training: It began with the Zakat of alphabets with Muwakkalat. Thereafter, I started with (1) Zakat of Surah AL KAUTHER, (2) Zakat of good names of ALLAH (3) After Zakat of Naqoosh he asked me for Zakat of five good names (of Rasool Allah SAW (4) Zakat Akber of Huroof -e- Sawamat starting on eclipse by writing 100 times daily for 1250 days i.e. approximately three and a half year, that I did daily without fail.
Higher Training. It started nearly after two years. Firstly he conceded me with his special EITESAM and thereafter DUA-e-ISRAF. These two are the guarantee to success and prevent reversion and protect from back-fire in all practices. I used to keep a note book to save all what Shah Saheb used to tell me and all practices (amalyat). He used to point out some peculiar things already mentioned in his books. He trained me in such a way that he offered me a chair side by side to the needy visitor’s chair. Nobody ever objected to my presence although they used to feel reluctant at times to express before him. Once a visitor asked Shah Saheb to be free from me and then call him. On this Shah Saheb told him that he should say whatever in my presence. Any way he narrated his problem. I requested Shah Saheb that hesitation of the people is a natural factor, so I don’t mind to be away while somebody had to discuss very personal matters. On this, he expressed that as a part of training this is important for me to know the needs of time. He said that in the presence of an injection of snake bite, there was no need to cure the people with blowing on them. He further said, there was a time when elders of girls said that no nuptial knot unless the will is shown by the grooms family by several visits. Now the times have changed the parents of girls are worried.
Kash-Al-Barni an expert in knowledge based on hidden things, a farsighted person with diversified look out, often expressed his desire for proper research on these subjects. This prompted me to study Canadian Lotto 6/49 to foretell Lotto draw numbers with a view to evaluate the capability of Ilm-e-Jafer. It required study of two basic factors i.e. (a) its place of draw and (b) the time of draw of Lotto. On these two factors, I applied the techniques of Ilm-e-Jafer. It included knowledge of (a) Ilm-e-Najoom, (the Astrology); (b) Ilm-us-Sa’at, (the Solar Hour), and (c) the Ilm-ul- Aadad i.e. (the Numerology), particularly the amicable numbers.
It was felt desirable to weigh/evaluate the strength of each and every planet in terms of numbers to determine their gradation on the day and the time of draw of Canadian Lotto 6/49. Shah Saheb, for this purpose gave me a hand written manuscript that contained method of evaluating the strength of planets/stars in terms of numbers. He was further gracious to publish this in the Roohani Dunya Magazine the very next month (see Ruhanidunya- May 1976 under the Heading - “Stars – Powerful or weak”). I studied Lotto draw results for the last ten years. It overall took about two years to be finally able to successfully workout numbers of Canadian Lotto 6/49 prior to draw. The rate of success was 60 per cent. The readers must know that the exercise was carried out for the sole purpose to test and testify that the Ilm-e-Jafer is a practical science.
Kash-Al-Barni held the view that in the present era of scientific advancement, everyone wanted quick solutions to their grievances and problems. People have no time to go for a spiritual exercise spreading over to forty-one days. He asserted that there should be an Amal that must be workable without waiting for favorable formation of Planets, or suitable solar hour for the Amal to do. He asserted that the Amal or procedure should be workable at all the time, when needed. The question arose whether it was possible to do away with all the ingredients mentioned here before. Yes, such derivation could only be formulated by a scholar Kash-Al-Barni. He possessed a formula or procedure known as TASARRUFAT-E-ALAM. He had the manuscript which he kindly graced me to copy. It was his kind gesture and farsightedness towards the knowledge.
I quote here an incident that reflects his kindness. Quite often, I found a poor man sitting at the entrance of the office of the Shah Saheb. One day he intercepted me at the entrance and requested for a favor of Shah Saheb. I, at a comfortable time put his request before the Shah Saheb. Shah Saheb informed me that the said poor fellow had seven daughters and demanded seven and half Lakh of rupees for their marriage and a house to live in. At that time the said amount was far sufficient for acquiring a 2000 square yards Bungalow in North Nazimabad and matrimonial expenses for all his seven daughters with a saving of a lakh of rupees in his hand. I made a formal request, keeping in mind that had Shah Saheb thought it desirable, he would have graced him earlier. It was an extreme kindness of Shah Saheb that on my simple recommendation, he gave the poor man a TAWEEZ to keep it in an iron box for 40 days and asked him to recite certain stanzas during the interim. He was further advised to open the box after 40 days. After a few days Shah Saheb graced me the same for my consumption. In view of my commitment with Shah Saheb that I was not pursuing the Ilm-e-Jafer for material gains, I then refrained from doing it.
Alhamdulillah, it was Shah Saheb’s greatness that he graced me with all his practices with proven outcomes. Broadly speaking, these Amalyat and procedures of ILM-E-JAFER, comprised,

(1) Love, Affection And Domination:
       These included
Allure opposite gender,
Infuriated spouse to revert,
Runaway to return,
Dominate and dictate men in authority for favor.

(2) Attainments Of Desires:
Business to flourish,
Promotion in rank,
Unemployed looking for a job and those on job for a changeover,
Restrain office colleagues from leg pulling and contemporaries from back biting,
Getting rid by transfer of undesirable head of department or the institution.
(3) Jinnaat, Jadoo And Trip Up From Evil Eye:
Feeling invisible presence of someone; pressure on chest while in sleep; Feeling or falling ill on fixed days of the week or month; particularly on Tuesdays and Saturdays; Deterioration of Health despite clean medical reports and frequent miscarriage etc.

I, perchance, felt that an Amal for the ”HALAKAT-e-DUSHMAN” i.e. Eliminating The Enemy was being ignored. On this subject, for the first time I found him reluctant to pass on his knowledge or Amal and he asserted that anyone having this command will be like a king of era, as he could never be charged for murder under section 302. Shah Saheb was not in accord with me at all. To persuade him to accede to my request, I contended that District Magistrate West issued me a license to keep a weapon with me. The misuse of weapon becomes my responsibility, not of District Magistrate, the issuing authority. Slightly convinced by the argument he asked me to come next day (Sunday) at 3 p.m., at his residence with some sweats.
BAIAT. I offered two raka’at with Shah Saheb leading the prayers. He graced me with BAIAT. He tasted sweats and gave me also. BAIAT was unique for me as I came to know for the first time about this. Shah Saheb told me that one person lived in Rawalpindi, the other in Karachi (a clearing and forwarding agent near Merewether Tower) and I was the third lucky one.

Shah Saheb was more gracious then and later,
He graced me a Khatim-E-Takhseer i.e. a Ring,
I made Chiragh-e-Mushtri (Jupiter Lamp) under his guidance, and
He enlightened me further with delicacies of Elm-e-Jafer and Amalyat.

Muhammad Abdur Razzaq